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Lisa Davis

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Lisa is a small business owner, an education advocate, and a mother to school-aged children.

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A native Albertan, she knows Alberta has always been an optimistic province, with an unwavering confidence in its future.

Albertans have high expectations– a high quality of life that comes from good economic opportunities, a world class education system, accessible health care, and strong social services to support those who need extra help.

The last few years have been challenging.  Economic recovery has been slow, and the lingering under-employment has taken a toll. This NDP government has made it worse.

Together we can restore the unbridled optimism about our future, and the future for our children.  With hard work, we can bring back investment, restore investor confidence, and start critical work to ensure all Albertans can participate in a much-needed recovery.

Our children deserve the best education system possible.  Important changes are needed to ensure we have a strong, appropriate curriculum, and that every student has the opportunity for personal success.

Lisa has built businesses, worked nationally, and has been a tireless advocate for a responsive, world class education system.  Working together with leader Jason Kenney, her unique background and experience will be invaluable as we create the conditions necessary for future success.

A resident of west Calgary for the past 12 years, Lisa’s efforts to ensure our children have schools and a high quality education are well known.  Committed and hardworking, Lisa will be an effective voice for Calgary-Bow.





Alberta needs to chart a path that returns investment, jobs, and high quality of life to all Albertans.  The downtown has left too many families still struggling. Government is an important catalyst to creating conditions so businesses can grow and thrive.  My business experience in good times and bad will help me advocate with the next government.  



The ruling on the Trans Mountain pipeline is another blow for Alberta and illustrates a clearly flawed process. It is unreasonable that a company spend years working through a regulatory system, invest a billion dollars, survive 16 court challenges, and still be prevented from moving forward. Relying on 'social license' was always a deeply flawed strategy - staking Alberta's future on it is unacceptable. We need to better focus on the advantages of Canadian energy - which can help Canada and the world achieve economic potential while being mindful of realistic, global environmental priorities.

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Education will always be key to me.  It is urgent that all children have what support they need to reach their potential.  Strong curriculum, parental choice, clear assessments, and front-line funding are all key.  


Alberta Advantage

At the heart, this was always about people. People are our greatest strength.  If we create the right conditions in Alberta, we provide the necessary framework and supports, we create communities generation will aspire to. 



People want government to work and be effective. Whether this involves completing flood mitigation plans, addressing concerns around the gravel pit, or ensuring the ring road gets built on time, those elected in government need to ensure that services are provided as needed, when needed- without the constant need for advocacy by volunteers and citizens.

Why Lisa

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With extensive business experience in start-ups and major expansions, Lisa Davis has brought leadership and innovation to a variety of projects in senior executive and ownership roles.  In addition, in recent years Lisa has become a leading education advocate in Alberta, fighting for better outcomes for our students.

Lisa has successfully operated businesses, including a unique and highly successful preschool, kindergarten, and recreational facility centered on an innovative community hub model.  This was sold to a publicly traded company who wanted to expand her model to their locations across Canada.  Lisa has also worked nationally as the vice-president responsible for leading a fast-growing retailer’s national real estate expansion at a time of intense growth.  

Having owned businesses Lisa is painfully aware of what impact regulation and taxation has on the ability of businesses to succeed.  Like many other business owners, Lisa had to place her home as collateral to secure a business loan – and knows first hand the effect that poor regulatory changes have on a firm’s ability to meet loan commitments, invest, expand, and hire new staff.  We need MLAs who understand firsthand how to make a strong business environment happen, so they can hit the ground running.

Lisa began actively supporting west Calgary’s efforts to secure needed schools 4 years ago.  Lisa brought together key community leaders across west Calgary to advocate for needed new schools.  The end result of these parents’ efforts was the billion dollar school build announcement made in fall 2014, including the West Springs Middle School, which was #1 on the CBE capital plan at the time.

Lisa is a sought after media commentator on education topics:  ensuring funding reaches the classroom to support teachers and students, supporting school choice, need for action to improve  math scores,  ensuring robust report cards, improving school infrastructure, the need for a high quality curriculum,  abolishing corporate/union donations to trustee campaigns, and other topics.

In the last municipal election, Lisa and a group of concerned parents ran for trustee for the Calgary Board of Education.  Their goals included fixing math, getting more funds into classrooms, improving report cards, improving student wellness, and eliminating union and corporate donations from trustee elections.

As her voting record clearly demonstrates, she has tirelessly advocated for increased transparency and accountability. She considers the fiduciary responsibility as a board to be of critical importance.

Since becoming a trustee, she has encountered significant roadblocks that prevent her from fulfilling her duty to the public that elected her. Her job as a trustee is to make decisions in the best interests of the 122,000 students in the CBE. Without full and timely access to information, it is impossible to make these crucial decisions in the well-informed and objective fashion necessary to serve our students and, by extension, our staff and the citizens of Calgary.

In the course of her work as a trustee, it has become clear that our education system requires critical changes that can only be accomplished at the provincial level.



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